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Kansas 4-H reaches nearly 100,000 young people each year through K-State Extension. Programs are delivered by trained 4-H professionals and volunteers just like you. Young people experience 4-H through school and community clubs, in-school enrichment programs, after-school programs and at Rock Springs 4-H Center.

Your willingness to share your talent, experience, memories and guidance bring an element to the 4-H experience that simply cannot be found anywhere else. This greater community of 4-H alumni and volunteers are vital to the young person’s individual 4-H experience and future success. Register here to share your time and energy.

Success Stories

New Look. Same Vision.

Parallel to the National 4-H Engagement Campaign to Grow True Leaders, the Kansas 4-H Foundation will implement a new logo and website to engage audiences and invite their investment in the next generation of leaders.

The Kansas 4-H Foundation’s mission is to develop financial support from the private sector and provide management and special services to promote and enhance the Kansas 4-H Program.

“We are at the point in our organization’s evolution where we need to establish a new look and develop communication tools that help folks recognize who we are and how they can help us support Kansas 4-H,” says Jake Worcester, Kansas 4-H Foundation President/CEO.

Introduction of the new Kansas 4-H Foundation logo and the first phase of the updated website will take place during this year’s Kansas State Fair, Sept. 9-18. This also aligns with the launch of the new 4-H marketing campaign, 4-H Grows Here.

The Foundation continues to move forward in the areas of financial support, having recently funded a pilot county program focused on increasing the number of 4-H volunteers, project clubs, 4-H youth and the retention of new 4-H families. Another area of support involved development of the First Generation 4-H Families program that encourages participation from families who do not have a 4-H background.

“The 4-H experience and its life-changing influence should be available to everyone,” Worcester said.

Both initiatives have yielded favorable results and provided learning experiences for all involved.

Beginning with the 2016 summer camping season, new recreational programming was introduced at Rock Springs, including mountain bikes, flying UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), Flu Flu Archery and a climbing wall. The programming is offered on a tiered, age-based, skill level system, allowing returning campers to experience different program activities.

In addition to expanding programs and partnerships, the Foundation is continuing to grow 4-H volunteers through collaboration with the Kansas Leadership Center (KLC) in Wichita. Financial support and resources were also provided for the Kansas Youth Leadership Council to participate with the KLC program, helping develop curriculum for a new youth leadership training component.

As the Kansas 4-H Foundation continues to develop support for the Kansas 4-H Program, it is critical that the organization stays viable in the ever-expanding technological era.

“Maintaining a virtual presence through our website and social media outlets will help us stay connected with our supporters, 4-H members past and present, as well as prospective donors,” Worcester stated.

Moving forward with a new logo and informational website, and with the generosity of supporters who know 4-H Grows Here, the Kansas 4-H Foundation will continue to expand its mission to help Grow True Leaders.

Clovia Welcomes New House Mom

MG1A3193Moving into a house full of 61 college girls seemed a little less nerve-racking for new Clovia Scholarship House Mom, Nancy Little, after her previous occupation as owner of a daycare in Rossville, KS for the past 13 years.

Applications to apply for house mom were released in April and Clovia resident, MaKayla Crow, thought of Little.

“When I was growing up, Nancy was a part of my 4-H club, and when the house mother position opened, I was trying to think of people who would be great for the job and she popped into my mind,” Crow said. “I knew that with her go-getter attitude she would be very helpful around the house and would always be thinking of great new ideas.”

Over the next few months, Crow said she continually brought up the house mom application to Little. Crow’s persistency prevailed.

“MaKayla would constantly tell me to apply and say I would be a great addition to the house. With my youngest leaving for college and husband being on the road a lot for work, I decided this would be a great way to continue to make a difference and live in an active household,” Little said.

Clovia accepted applications through July and interviewed applicants in August when Little was offered the position. After accepting her new role, Little moved into the house shortly before the semester began and as the Clovia residents were arriving.

“Clovia will benefit from her drive and passion to get things done and her desire to learn more about the ladies she lives with,” Karen Schneck, Clovia President, said. “This is something totally new for her, but she is taking everything in stride and doing wonderful at it.”

Even though living in a scholarship house is a new experience for Little, 4-H and its values have always been part of her life. She grew up in Hoyt, KS with her two older brothers and all were active members of the Hoyt Livewires 4-H Club.

In addition to her time as a 4-H member, she served on the Jackson County Extension Council and spent 25 years as a 4-H parent with her four children, as well as served as assistant county 4-H ambassador leader and project leader for fiber arts foods, clothing construction and buymanship.

As Little settles into her new home in Clovia, she has optimistic views for the year.

“I’m excited to see what the semester holds for Clovia,” Little said. “It is a great group of ladies. They all have a goal in mind for their future. I hope to be here for the girls when they need motherly advice or just someone to laugh with.”

The Kansas 4-H Foundation serves as the landlord for the Clovia Scholarship House, located one-block from the K-State campus. Through Clovia, the Foundation is able to provide an educational opportunity at a reduced cost for students, as well as personal growth, through cooperative living as an extended benefit of 4-H participation.

Through the generosity of Clovia alumni and Foundation donors, the Kansas 4-H Foundation has been able to coordinate significant improvements and upgrades to the house. Most recent projects include the complete renovation of the bathroom and kitchen areas and a remodeling facelift for the large study area.

For more information about the Clovia Scholarship House, visit

Gifts in support of the Clovia Scholarship House may be directed to the Kansas 4-H Foundation.

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Three New Scholarships. Three Unique Stories.

Last year, The Kansas 4-H Foundation announced three new scholarships available for Kansas 4-H members and alumni to further their education. These new scholarships include the Evelyn N. Nelson Educational Scholarship, the Lorane Havely Minis Scholarship and the Glen and Marge Neely Family Scholarship. Each of these scholarships has their own stories and reasons why they were established. All, of which, show how important the 4-H program was to either themselves, or their families.

Evelyn Nelson was an active 4-H member in Sedgwick County and excelled in the clothing and construction project. She graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Home Economics. While attending K-State, Evelyn was a Clovia member. Clovia and 4-H gave her lifelong friends, leadership and communication skills that have greatly helped her throughout life’s journeys.

“This scholarship will help 4-H and Clovia members further their education because I know how difficult it is to afford college,” Nelson said as she explained that her parents couldn’t afford to send her to college, so she spent five years working at a bank to earn money.

The recipient of the Evelyn N. Nelson Educational Scholarship is Brianna Zweimiller. Brianna was a 12-year 4-H member of the Busy Beavers 4-H Club from Lyon County. In her family, it was a tradition to be involved with 4-H; so when she was able to join, she didn’t hesitate to get as much out of her 4-H experience as possible. During her time at Kansas State University, Brianna has stayed active with Collegiate 4-H and Alpha of Clovia. She came to K-State with her heart set on a degree in Human Resource Management, but after her first year, she realized that wasn’t the right career path for her.

“I realized that I simply could never give up my passion for 4-H and learning. That’s part of what made me change my major and pursue my other dream – teaching,” Zweimiller said. “Every time I gave a project talk or demonstration, I had been practicing for my future classroom. I am so glad 4-H gave me those experiences and helped me find my calling.”

Lorane Havely Minis began her 4-H career at an early age and lead to an ambitious career. When she was young, her family moved to Kansas and became an active participant in the foundation of a 4-H club. Lorane attended Kansas State University on scholarships, one of which was from the Kansas 4-H Foundation. She later established her role as a pioneering woman executive in corporate America. Then, she became the top-ranking woman executive at two Fortune 500 companies when women were often denied these opportunities. The Lorane Havely Minis Scholarship was established to provide support to a Kansas 4-H member or alumnus.

Rogan Tokach was selected to receive the Lorane Havely Minis Scholarship for the 2016-2017 academic year. He was involved in several different projects during his 11 years in his Dickinson County 4-H club. Some of those projects included forestry, cat, dog, rocketry, foods, photography, leadership, self-determined and meat goats. In the meat goat project, he would buy and breed the animals and then show the offspring. He even helped younger 4-H members by selling them bucks to show at spring shows and county fairs. In self-determined, he received two beehives from his sister and then his project took off.Emerald Circle_166

“I established a service project called Honey for Heifer, where I sold the honey I collected, then used that money to buy hives through Heifer International for those in need,” Tokach said. So far, he has contributed over 150 hives to the cause.

Family has always been important to Glen and Marge Neely, which is why Marge established the Glen and Marge Neely Family Scholarship. The Neely’s believe in the 4-H program’s value in developing young men and women, promoting good citizenship and strengthening family bonds. Their six children were all 4-H members in Neosho County where they all judged livestock and participated in several other projects including foods and nutrition, clothing and home decorating.

“My neighbor had established a scholarship of his own so I wanted to start one, too, since 4-H runs so deep in our family,” Neely said.

Ty Nienke, from the Elkhorn 4-H Club in Ellsworth County, is the recipient of the Glen and Marge Neely Family Scholarship. He is currently a junior at Kansas State University pursuing a degree in Agriculture Education. He is serving as the treasurer for the Agriculture Education Club at K-State, where their goal is to support groups and organizations including FFA, 4-H and K-State Research and Extension.

“The 4-H program means the world to us all. By investing in 4-Hers, we invest in ourselves. Those members will be our future doctors, teachers, and everything in-between. Thank you for investing in today’s young people,” Zweimiller exclaimed.

The Kansas 4-H Foundation was established in 1952 to provide services and private sector support to Kansas 4-H. The Foundation owns and operates the Rock Springs 4-H Center, owns the Clovia Scholarship House at Kansas State University and provides private 4-H funding for grants, awards, trips, internships and scholarships. If you would like more information regarding how to establish your own scholarship, please contact the Kansas 4-H Foundation at (785) 532-5881 or

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