For Individuals

Celebrating the strong philanthropic roots of Kansas 4-H, the 1905 Society is Kansas 4-H Foundation’s exclusive recognition society honoring leadership annual giving donors. Members of the 1905 Society set an example and inspire other 4-H alumni, parents, and friends to advance positive youth development in Kansas by giving at a leadership level annually.

Kansas 4-H began in 1905 through philanthropy and the belief in Kansas youth. Youth were given loans for livestock through a “pay it forward” model of philanthropy. They learned responsibility and the importance of philanthropy. Now, over a century later, members of the 1905 Society carry on the tradition of philanthropy within Kansas 4-H and inspire youth to make the best better in their clubs, communities, country and world. 

Individuals who contribute $1,000 and greater within the calendar year will be recognized as 1905 Society members. Celebrate the philanthropic roots of Kansas 4-H and invest in tomorrow’s leaders by supporting youth at a leadership level.

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For businesses and organizations

Recognizing the generosity to Kansas 4-H, the Emerald Alliance is our exclusive giving society celebrating leadership annual gifts from business and organizations. Emerald Alliance members understand and reinforce the importance of Kansas 4-H through philanthropic support for the growth and expansion of the program.

Businesses and organizations who give $1,000 or more annually through one or multiple gifts are recognized as Emerald Alliance members. This select group engages with the Kansas 4-H program on an important level and is introduced to future workforce through 4-H youth and their families. They also have the opportunity to become well-informed 4-H advocates, engaged locally and statewide. Through their annual support, Emerald Alliance members will impact youth throughout Kansas today while developing tomorrow’s workforce.

As part of this giving society, businesses and organizations are given the exclusive opportunity to advertise in our official publication The Pledge, which is mailed to more than 10,000 alumni, friends and families twice a year. 

Together, Emerald Alliance members represent the invaluable commitment of Kansas businesses and organizations to make the best better through the Kansas 4-H program.

Heritage Council - Planned Giving Society

Members of the distinguished Kansas 4-H Heritage Council have pledged to advance or invest in positive youth development through a planned gift. Heritage Council members understand the importance of 4-H for Kansas youth both now and in the future. Opportunities to make an impact on Kansas 4-H youth include:

  • bequests through a will or trust.
  • designating the Kansas 4-H Foundation as the beneficiary of a bank account, brokerage account, retirement plan or life insurance policy.
  • utilizing a gift model such as a charitable remainder trust.

For Kansas 4-H clubs

Gavel Club recognizes 4-H clubs throughout the state of Kansas that philanthropically support the mission of our organization. Since Kansas 4-H began, Kansas youth have been philanthropically supporting 4-H through their local clubs and impacting their peers across the state. Previous youth philanthropy initiatives include the Cool Pool campaign, Stack the Plates, and Endorse the Course. Generosity is one of the essential needs of youth along with belonging, mastery and independence. Through Gavel Club, clubs have the opportunity to practice generosity.