Kansas Leadership Center Trainings

The Kansas 4-H Foundation is pleased to present leadership training classes in partnership with the Kansas Leadership Center. If you are a 4-H parent, volunteer, alumni or agent, this training is for you! Join us for one or all of the classes below to build your leadership skills.
Kansas Leadership Center staff will share the KLC core curriculum that equips people with the ability to make lasting change for the common good. KLC is different in the field of leadership development with its focus on leadership as an activity, not a role or position. KLC envisions more Kansans sharing responsibility for acting together in pursuit of the common good. Come learn how these principles can help move the work of Kansas 4-H forward.

Leadership: A Framework for Making Progress
Utilizing a personal leadership dilemma as the context, this session is designed to introduce participants to a framework of leadership that will help them make progress on difficult issues. The framework has been articulated by, and taught at, the Kansas Leadership Center. The workshop will provide participants with a common language for making progress on tough challenges. Special emphasis will be given to understanding the nature of difficult work. This introductory workshop is designed for 4-H volunteers, for Extension staff and for 4-H community partners.

10am-4pm, lunch provided

October 20 – Rock Springs 4-H Center

Leadership As Behavior – Not Position
Designed to follow the introductory Leadership: A Framework for Making Progress workshop, this one-day session will engage participants in specific leadership behaviors that are required for progress on difficult, daunting challenges. Participants will be asked to write a one-page description of one of their leadership challenges prior to the workshop and will be given numerous opportunities to apply the workshop content to that challenge.

10am-4pm, lunch provided

October 13 – Garden City, Southwest Research – Extension Center

Teaching Leadership

This one-day workshop is designed to help participants design activities and presentations around three key concepts of the Kansas Leadership Center framework. Participants will have the opportunity to explore the concepts more deeply, practice teaching one of the concepts in a small group and will prepare outlines/lesson plans for those three concepts that are appropriate to their individual context. Prior participation in a Kansas Leadership Center program or the 4-H Foundation’s Leadership: A Framework for Making Progress or Leadership As Behavior – Not Position workshops will be useful and is strongly encouraged.

10am-4pm, lunch provided

October 27 – Rock Springs 4-H Center