State Project Award Winners

Dustin Denton


Dustin is a 10-year member of Wide Awake 4-H Club in Marshall County and has been active in the Beef Project for all 10 years. He is highly involved in his community promoting agriculture and the beef industry. He has competed in 17 livestock competitions throughout the year and won many different titles. Dustin demonstrated leadership skills by hosting annual clipping and showmanship clinics in his county.


Clara Johnson

Civic Engagement

Clara is a nine-year member of Winchester 4-H Club in the Meadowlark District and has been active in the civic engagement project since the beginning. She enjoys helping organizations and people in her community with the civic engagement project. Clara enjoyed various acts of citizenship throughout the year including The Sunflower Music Festival in Topeka, along with helping with youth sports camps and serving at the Winchester community dinner. Clara said the most important thing she learned in this project is the impact of helping others.


Elizabeth "Ellie" Seeger

Clothing and Textiles

Elizabeth is a nine-year member of the Santa Fe Sunflower 4-H Club in McPherson County and has been active in the Clothing and Textiles project for nine years. Because of 4-H, she has realized she not only enjoys developing her technical sewing skills but truly finds joy in sharing her knowledge with others.  As the clothing construction project leader, Elizabeth spends much of her time mentoring, speaking and educating others about the basics of sewing. She said the clothing project has been instrumental in developing valuable leadership skills.


Meredith Burgess


Meredith is an eight-year member of the Shawnee Riders 4-H Club in Shawnee County and has been actively involved in the communications project for three years. She says that this project has been challenging, but also rewarding. Meredith serves as club president with a goal of encouraging all 4-H members in her club to speak up and become more confident in their public speaking skills. Meredith has also created several videos highlighting her 4-H experience and how others can find success through 4-H too.


Trena Garcia


Trena is a 12-year member of the Cassoday Boosters 4-H Club in Butler County and has been involved in the dairy project for six years. She is also a project leader for both dairy goats and floriculture. Trena owns and manages her own dairy and meat goat herd with her siblings. She says that she strives to raise premium quality animals by ensuring healthy herd management and breeding practices. 


Christopher Mork

Dog Care and Training

As an eight-year member of the Achievers 4-H Club in Sedgwick County, Christopher has been involved in dog care and training for eight years. His knowledge and confidence training dogs has significantly increased through his project work. Throughout the past couple of years, he has worked with helping other 4-H’ers at club, county and state levels in this project, which includes being a junior leader. Christopher said that he and his dog Pickles have experienced growth and development in teamwork, stewardship, leadership and more. 


MacKenzie Krueger


MacKenzie is a five-year member of the Stringtown Bombers 4-H Club in Coffey County and has been actively involved in the entomology project for one year but in the county beekeeping for three years. She discovered her passion for beekeeping thanks to 4-H. MacKenzie received a grant from Kansas Honey Producers to help start her hives. She is still new to this project but has sent posters to the Kansas State Fair, led many presentations, demonstration and hive checks. Her goal in this project was to educate others about the importance of honeybees and other pollinators. 


Renatta Heintz

Fiber Arts

Fiber Arts Project award recipient, Renatta, is a nine-year member of Fragrant Hill Toppers 4-H Club in the Chisholm Trail District. Doing macrame and quilting is something that teaches her patience, time management, and budgeting. This year, she made a quilt completely on her own, including the actual quilting process. She also makes gifts and donates other projects she makes to places in her community like coasters for her neighbors and sewing mastectomy bags for the Tammy Walker Cancer Center. Even though her career aspiration is to be a veterinarian, she is sure her interest in fiber arts is something that she can enjoy for the rest of her life.


Kylee Barlett

Foods and Nutrition

Kylee is a nine-year member of the Purple Heart 4-H Club in Butler County and is actively involved in the Foods and Nutrition project. She says that she loves working at her community food bank, and she also helps with her school's food drive. Kylee is a junior foods leader for her club and helped her foods leader with two meetings. She  said this year she learned a lot and how “sweet” the foods and nutrition project can be. 


Amber Kolle


As a nine-year member of the Linn Livewires 4-H Club in Washington County, Amber enjoys being able to help educate others about geology. She is the geology leader in her club. She says that helping younger club members has been a monumental part of this project. She also enjoys creating Geology displays to educate others about the project. Amber says she has overcome several challenges  and has improved her speaking skills in this project.


Clayton Carlgren


Clayton is a 10-year member of the Eager Beavers 4-H Club in the River Valley District. He joined the horse project six years ago and to this day, he says that his best days are spent in the saddle. Clayton is a two-year junior project leader in the horse project, and credits his project leader Tammy as the reason he wanted to become a junior leader. Within the horse project Clayton says he has grown in his work ethic, dependability, responsibility and patience.


Brennan Aldridge


As a nine-year member of the Smoky Valley 4-H Club in the Sunflower District, Brennan has found himself filling a variety of leadership roles. One of which is part of the Kansas 4-H Youth Leadership Council. He is passionate about creating strong leaders in Western Kansas and wanted that to shine through in his time as a member of the Council. More leadership experiences this year include attending Citizenship in Action, teaching classes at Discovery Days, presenting at the Ag Innovators Experience, competing in high school sports, and as an officer for his school’s FFA chapter.


Channing Dillinger

Meat Goats

Channing is a 10-year member of the Wild West District in the Wranglers 4-H Club. As the Meat Goats Project recipient, she is grateful for what 4-H has taught her about herself and inspired her to be more actively involved in her community. Channing has her own small herd of meat goats. She serves as a senior project leader, and when she isn’t helping club members she finds ways to promote the Meat Goats Project to non-4-H’ers. 


Brynna Anderson

Performing Arts

The recipient of the Performing Arts award is Brynna Anderson, an eight-year member of the Smoky View 4-H Club in the Central Kansas District. Brynna likes all the combinations of the performing arts like singing, dancing, performance and playing musical instruments, but particularly enjoys vocal performance and singing with a group. This year she performed in many of her school plays and met many of her goals throughout the year. She says this project allows her to grow outside of just a 4-H project. .


Gavin Shupe


Gavin is a nine-year member of the Happy Helper 4-H Club in Leavenworth county. His love for pets and animals is why he wants to become a veterinarian. This year, he focused his project and education on prevention and the knowledge of what to do in a pet emergency. He became pet CPR and First Aid certified. He also led classes and taught others how to perform CPR on pets at leadership camp. He also donates his time making toys for the humane society. He has taken an animal science class in school, which expanded his interest in veterinary medicine. 


Johanna Walker


Johanna, the recipient of the Photography award, is an eight-year member of the Bone Creek 4-H Club in the Wildcat District. In this project Johanna accomplished many of her goals by participating in several photo contests outside of 4-H. Within the Photography Project, Johanna has learned how to express herself through her photos. She says the life skills she is learning now will help her with her future career, whether it's advertising photography or sports photography. 


Ian Dunn

Plant Science

Ian is a 10-year member of the Jolly Workers 4-H Club in Stafford County. As this year’s Plant Science award recipient, Ian planted two wheat plots next to each other but not only was the wheat variety different, so was the row spacing. With knowledge gained through this experimental project, he learned many different things and placed first at his county fair and Kansas Wheat Expo and second at the State Fair. Ian knows being involved in this project and 4-H gives him a solid foundation for his future careers.


Aubrey Stahlman


Poultry Project award recipient Aubrey is a member of the Hopewell Corners 4-H Club in the River Valley District. She is currently the Poultry County Project leader as well as the Poultry Superintendent. Aubrey says stepping into these roles has allowed her to bring awareness to the 4-H Poultry Project and help other 4-H’ers with the same challenges. Within her project she wanted to focus more on community service and helping educate others about poultry. 


Eve Rider


Eve is the state state project award recipient and is a nine-year member of the Busy Beavers 4-H Club in the Walnut Creek District. She has been involved in the Rabbit Project for five years and enjoys going to rabbit shows and learning more about the project from others. This year one of Eve’s goals was accomplished at the State Fair by winning Grand Champion. Eve says because of this project she wants to get her rabbit registrars license and judging license so she can help 4-H’ers be confident in themselves and in the care of their rabbits.


Daniel Rausch

Self Determined

Daniel is a seven-year member of the Blue Ribbon club in Coffey County. Daniel’s self determined project is all about beekeeping. He works on caring for his family’s hives along with the Coffey County 4-H Beekeeping group’s hives. This year, he tackled the task of record keeping for the family operation. In addition to caring for the bees, he learned about making soaps and lotions from wax, how to winterize bees, how to judge honey, and more. He also taught youth in his community about beekeeping. In the future, his goals are to use his new record keeping system to make sound decisions about his hives. 


Reygan Schrock


Reygan is a 10-year member of the Cardinal 4-H Club in the Central Kansas District and at the age of 3 years old was hooked with sheep. Reygan started her own herd from the ground up. She is her club's 4-H sheep project leader and has introduced six new young members to this project. Also at the district level she served as the assistant sheep superintendent at the county fair. Reygan hopes to make a positive impact on the sheep industry by being a young female invested in this demanding business. 


Trenton Hays

Shooting Sports

Shooting sports award recipient, Trenton, is a nine-year member of the Ash Creek 4-H Club in the Midway District. In this project, he has learned how to overcome challenges and how his learned skills can be applied to other areas of his life. His short-term goal for air rifle is to qualify for state while his long-term goal is to score a 500/600. He also competes in archery, where he hopes to make it onto the national team.


Ava Karcher


Ava is an eight-year member of the Cloverleaf 4-H Club in Lyon County and is passionate about being creative and innovative while working with robotics and teaching others. Ava also helped organize a community STEM camp with her county agent to teach others about STEM. Ava was excited with her RC-car kit and ended up creating a dinosaur with a camera in its neck that she could operate from her phone.  She gave a 4-H presentation about her robot dinosaur and entered it in the county fair. Ava plans to attend Kansas State University majoring in engineering and robotics. 


Kyser Nemecek


A nine-year member of the City Slicker of 4-H Club in the Southwind District, Kyser is the swine project award recipient. As a fifth generation swine producer, Kyser raises purebred Berkshire and Chester-White hogs and exhibits them at many different shows in the swine industry. Kyser says he wants to help youth succeed in their agricultural pursuits and give them opportunities to show at local, regional and national events. 


Kyla Lankton

Visual Arts

Kyla is the winner of the Visual Arts award. She is a nine-year member of the Stringtown Bombers club in Coffey County. She is president of the art club at her school, on the yearbook staff, and is an advanced art student. She applies her love of art to citizenship and leadership activities such as designing club T-shirts, giving art lessons, creating window displays at school, volunteering for a “trunk or treat” event, and heading up a Christmas card committee. She loves that by understanding art, instead of just looking at it, she can see beauty in more things.


Joseph Westerman


Joseph is a first-year member of the Santa Fe Sunflower 4-H Club in McPherson County. Within his first year of the wildlife project he hosted a “Tie a Fly with Joe” event for those interested in sport fishing. He also helped relocate multiple native species of fish that were found in his public lake. Joseph’s 4-H experiences have helped him to grow his love for fishing, which has led him into exploring careers that encompass his passion.   


Zachary Piroutek

Wood Science

Ten-year River Valley District 4-H member Zachary has been in the wood science project for eight years. He enjoys hands-on projects that allow him to think through situations and figure out how things work. This year he built plaques for Key Award winners at his local 4-H office and a nativity scene for his church. He enjoys woodworking because it allows him to spend time with his dad and grandpas.